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Join the World Autism Summit 2023

This is a FREE SUMMIT during the dates of September 25-October 1, 2023. CEU CREDITS are AVAILABLE

Unless you opt out you are included in the Autism Today sponsor giveaways. Autism Today legal information is under our contact page.


SC Tablet (IOS Operating System): SC Tablet devices combine Tobii Dynavox technology with a 10.2” iPad to create a powerfully portable communication solution. They are made for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) and come with powerful, outward-facing speakers, a selection of optional finger-guiding keyguards, wheelchair mount plate holes, and two switch ports. SC Tablet devices come loaded with a choice of apps: TD Snap for symbol-supported communicators or TD Talk for literate adults. Grab them by the handle or prop them up using their built-in stands. Communicate worry-free wherever you go thanks to rugged outer cases fitted with crash corners and snap-on faceplates for added screen protection. Learn more about the SC Tablet here:


TD I-110 (Windows Operating System): TD I-110 is a durable touch screen speech generating device for those with conditions such as autism. This communication solution is now designed to keep up with even more of life’s adventures. With up to 3 times the processing speed and double the memory and storage, TD I-110 will keep up with your thoughts, pictures, videos and books for up to 10 hours of continuous run time. TD I-110 is tailor made for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). It’s loaded with TD Snap, our symbol-supported AAC software that simplifies and enriches communication. With extra-loud outward-facing speakers, the option of a handle or wheelchair mount plate, and a wide selection of keyguards, your voice will be always heard on your own terms. This robust device is built for hard knocks, featuring an integrated crash case and a Gorilla Glass touch screen. It's ready for rain showers and spills with a water-resistant design. Take it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a sturdy built-in kickstand that can now withstand even more pressure. Learn more about the TD I-110 here:


Approximate value:

SC Tablet: $5,295

TD I-110: $7,295



The 1st Annual World Autism Summit will take place  virtually from September 25th - October 1st - 2023. 

Please join our 50+ dynamic professionals who will inspire and generate conversations to move the needle of understanding the fastest way possible around the autism and neurodiversity movement.  This summit will have many great take-aways, free downloads, resources, and giveaways! A wonderful opportunity to join the discussion, ask questions of our experts, and connect with people from around the globe!

This is a FREE event for the week of the summit. 




Speakers & Experts on Panelists



Summit Schedule

The most empowering place to be as an autistic or neuro-distinct individual, a caregiver, a professional, or an organization leader is here!

Dr. Temple Grandin

World leading author/expert and subject of award winning film "Temple Grandin" starring Claire Daines.

Dr. Stephen Shore

Diagnosed Autistic at 3, President of the Asperger's Association of New England and Advisory Member of Autism Society of America.

Louise Masin Sattler

Louise Masin Sattler is a  school psychologist, owner of Signing Families, and featured in media outlets such as CNN, USA Today, VoyageLA, Slate Magazine & Pediatric Safety.





 Join us following the summit and panel presentations for the following entertainment !


Inspiring movies with Autism themes 
Never released movies
Game night
Meeting with director screenwriters, and actors


  • Discover the many gifts, strengths and talents people with autism possess.

  • Awaken a spectrum of learning solutions for those you love.

  • Develop competent minds for professionals in the field

  • Learn how everyone is navigating autism and neurodiversity globally.

  • Explore living arrangements for adults with neurodivergent families.


The Autism Today Foundation is a non-for -profit.

General Inquiries are directed to [email protected]

Media Inquiries may be directly sent to k[email protected]

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