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Embrace the Power of Sponsorship: Ignite Opportunities and Transform Lives


Welcome to our Sponsorship page! The World Autism Summit is an impactful global online event that brings together passionate advocates, educators, healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals on the autism spectrum. It is a unique platform to share knowledge, raise awareness, and promote a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related neurodivergent conditions.


Why partner with us?


Sponsoring the World Autism Summit presents a unique opportunity to align your organization with an important cause, gaining visibility and recognition on a global scale. It allows you to showcase your commitment to improving the lives of those with autism and their families, and to connect with a diverse and engaged community of individuals and organizations who share your mission.

Benefits of Sponsorship

↠ Gain exposure to a global audience passionate about ASD and neurodiversity.

↠ Showcase your commitment to making a difference in the autism

↠ Expand your network and connect with other organizations and individuals who share your mission.


↠ Receive recognition across our various promotional platforms, including the event website, marketing materials, and social media channels.

We offer various sponsorship levels, each designed to provide maximum visibility and acknowledgment for your generous support. Each level comes with a unique set of benefits and opportunities, ensuring that your organization’s contributions are recognized appropriately. 

Sponsorship Package

Become a World Autism 2023

Summit Sponsor!

Becoming a sponsor is easy. Simply contact us using the Contact Form on this website and one of our team members will get back to you with more details about the next steps.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how you can become apartner in this important work, please contact us at [email protected]om.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to create a moreinclusive and supportive world for individuals with autism.