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World Autism Summit 2023

Mission: The World Autism Summit is a global online event dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. Our mission is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, foster unity and empathy, and stimulate meaningful conversations and change.

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Who it’s for:

Join Us at the World Autism Summit, A Gathering For:

Unique Minds:

Individuals with Autism/Neurodiversity, to celebrate their strengths, share experiences and learn.

Parents and Family:

Champions at Home, loving mothers and fathers to gain insights, share their journey, and connect with a supportive community.


Educators, to exchange cutting-edge practices, explore novel educational strategies, and understand the unique learning needs of ASD.

Healthcare Professionals:

To discuss the latest research, share therapeutic interventions, and deepen the understanding of ASD.

Passionate Advocates:

To amplify their voices, share their dedication, and help shape a better future for individuals with ASD.

Inclusive Leaders:

Corporate heads, to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, learn more about ASD, and connect with potential talent.

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Welcome to the 1st World Autism Summit, a beacon of hope and unity for the global autism community.

We're excited to bring together parents, educators, healthcare professionals, researchers, advocates, and individuals with autism from around the world. Our mission is to foster a spirit of unity and empathy, transcending the limitations of individual efforts, and propel the global autism community toward a future characterized by understanding and compassion.

During this prestigious online event, you will experience an array of captivating keynote presentations, engage in thought-provoking panel discussions, and seize unique interactive networking opportunities. Our distinguished speakers, renowned experts, and passionate advocates will facilitate meaningful conversations, sharing groundbreaking research findings, therapeutic interventions, educational strategies, and community initiatives.

Join us as we strive to dismantle barriers, empower individuals on the autism spectrum, and create a world that celebrates the unique strengths and contributions of everyone. We look forward to your participation in these important conversations and the sharing of best practices.

Together, we can ignite a collective resolve to address the challenges faced by individuals with autism worldwide and bring about meaningful change.

Register today to be part of the change, and be part of the virtual event - the 1st World Autism Summit.

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